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7 Strength Exercises to Get Stronger for Mountain Bikers

The best way to keep your mind and body agile is with a good dose of pain for gain. Mountain bikers know that every turn on the mountain has its challenges, but this doesn’t mean you can give up when it gets tough! You have two options: either stop at whatever point there’s trouble or continue riding until another obstacle stands between success and victory (or just pure happiness).


This article will show you how to get the most from your workout time in the gym. When it comes down to right now, there’s no better way for people who love biking than to get their sweat on! But if we’re being honest…riders often neglect certain muscles while using others more heavily because of the riding motion. This can cause injury if not considered during a fitness routine. To make sure YOU take care of YOUR BODY, give those underused areas some loving attention through strength training exercises to keep your body strong and well balanced and give it the best chance to stay injury-free.


Why do you need a full-body workout?


Annie Söderberg, the Swedish MTB Team’s Head Performance Coach, is an expert on different rider-specific gym routines. She stresses that exercises that work different parts of the body simultaneously, especially those that work diagonally, are essential, as they mimic mountain bike rider movements.



 “It’s not only about having the strength to push into a corner, it’s also about having the strength to hold on and resist the forces out of the corner. Mountain biking is all about counter-forces – you have to be able to pump the bike to carry speed but also be able to absorb an unexpected bump in the trail. Those two are opposite movements, but equally as important. Keeping your body position centred on the bike at all times requires countless counter-movements as you have to move your body backwards and forwards, and side to side, as well as push up and down when new features come at you on the trail.”


Try these exercises to increase strength and fitness, optimising your riding performance:


  1. Jumping lunges: This exercise will blast your core and legs with every single step. It’s an explosive switch-up that works both strength areas of the body in tandem for stability.

  2. One-legged push-ups: This exercise will maintain your core and improve arm strength to help keep your body in position when riding.

  3. Banded side plank with leg lift: The obliques are the set of muscles that help you maintain balance and keep your body upright. This core workout will strengthen these important muscle groups and are especially important for mountain bikers.

  4. Deadlift: Get ready for this full-body workout that will have you feeling strong and powerful. This intense routine focuses on your glutes, hamstrings, and your core, so it’s sure to leave them all burning!

  5. Plank variation with dumbbells: This core exercise is a great way to strengthen your midsection and back. The results will be fully worth it!

  6. Plank variation with TRX: This core exercise is a great way to work your abs as you mimic pedal movements, maintaining strength to ride on an uneven surface.

  7. Overhead squat: This full-body workout will have you feeling like a total powerhouse, working your shoulders, lats and core. 


Make sure you give your body the best chance to stay injury-free, with extra love and attention in the gym. It will keep everything strong and well balanced and provide you with the best chance of staying injury-free.


Incorporate the strength training exercises I’ve outlined above, and you’ll find yourself stronger than ever when it’s time for your next bike adventure. 


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